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Today I spoke about people management (and how frankly terrifying it is) at the wonderful Dare Conf.

Here are my slides:

UPDATE(2): The nicely edited video is now up: Studies in Terror: Becoming a People Manager. You can also view many of the brilliant Dare Conf talks. They’ve been made freely available, but if you find them useful please donate so that Dare can return next year.

Books Mentioned in This Talk

My Upcoming Book

I’ve got a book coming out on this topic late 2013 / early 2014 — if you’re interested in hearing about it when it’s ready, please sign up here for updates about the book and occasional bundles of interesting links: Geek Management tinyletter.

DevOps in the Wild

Meri will be presenting DevOps in the Wild at this Thursday’s Eduserv Symposium 2013: In With The New. The conference focuses this year on new ways of working and best practices for and from the public sector.

Hope to see you there — slides and link to blog post will be posted here after the event.

UPDATE: Meri has blogged over at Geek | Manager including the slides and also the links to further reading: DevOps in the Wild